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Natural Horsemanship On Line Course

Person Monthly membership

On Line Course / Learn at Home

You will learn an approach to both Natural Horsemanship and mindfulness. You will learn how to create a deeper relationship with your horse!

Learning the personality of your horse means working from the inside of the horse instead of the outside.

You will learn the basic concepts of natural horsemanship.

1. Approach and Retreat
2. Pressure and Release
3. Rewards and Consequences
5. Foundation Training

In Person Course

Work with Brittany Ryan in person learning through workshops, groups and private retreats.
Overnight accommodations are available on site at Stepping Stone Ranch Air B and B.

Your journey with horses begins one step at a time.

Natural Horsemanship Holistic Experiential classes offer online, self-guided, coaching, mentoring and experiential course work.

No matter which type of learning you choose, virtual or in-person, the journey offers a series of experiences to challenge you, educate you, motivate growth, improve skills and empower.

Natural Horsemanship Mindful On Line Course:

This Foundation class you will discover what it is like to be with your horse from their world. To discover that with love, understanding and communication you will transform mind, body and heart and then you will align and connect you and your horse and everything you do together.

Each Foundation Class Webinar purchase include:

  • 1 hour of recorded live lecture
  • Q & A
  • Guided outline of natural horsemanship theories
  • Guided outline on troubleshooting
  • How to keep your horse from getting bored and keeping them always wanting to learn more.
  • 5 video lessons
  • Study worksheet outline and discussion points and practice.