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The Story of Stepping Stone Ranch


Everyone that experiences healing with horses, notices something special about the facility. It is more than the horses peacefully grazing and the beautiful palisades on this historical land, it’s a sense of serenity and healing. Horses are masters at identifying what we need at any given moment. If we are in doubt or not clear of our intentions, the horse can educate us in how we are in the present moment. Horses exude a mystical quality. Horses help you become emotionally empowered, gain heightened spiritual awareness and rejuvenate your life’s purpose. Horses comfort children through unconditional love.

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Jona Ryan

Enjoying a natural bond that brings horses and humans together is my passion. With the experience of 20 years mastering communication with horses, I am pleased to share my experience and knowledge that I have gained while traveling and attending several workshops. I have become certified in Equine Assisted Learning / Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. This has allowed me to reach out and assemble a team of individuals who can help assist my clients.

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Brittany Ryan

Barn manager and life-long horse lover! Specializing in natural horsemanship lessons and cultivating a respectful relationship with horses. I am passionate about taking the natural approach in communicating with horses. I have many years of experience in leading scenic trail rides in the heart of Daniel Boone country. My horse, Sweet Pea, and I share a special bond, and we are inseparable.