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Guided Trails

Ride through the historic land of Daniel Boone and experience the love of horses and the wonders of nature!


We welcome riders ages 8 and up, and all levels of experience.

Please call to reserve your private trail ride.

Please Give Notice if you can not make your reservation.

Slip away from the stress of the modern world. Play, relax, and recharge yourself.

Trained horses and experienced leaders guide you through the scenic landscape.

Reserve your time slot
Jona: 615-268-9960

First Step Recovery Ranch

By engaging with a professional recovery team comprising licensed mental health professionals, an EAGALA certified equine specialist, key component horses. Our approach is holistic, allowing clients the opportunity to experiment with, discover, and become aware of their own strengths. 

Our programs build confidence, self reliance, communication skills, trust, social skills, self-acceptance, and reduce anxiety. Most of all our participants have fun.

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Balancing of spirtual forces in the round pen, as well as balancing feminine/masculine energy, learning to clear the mind with the help of mindful,meditative breathing, also learning the value of detachment by eliminating emotional reactivity.


The classroom portion focuses on creating awareness of your thinking and other processes.


  • Private sessions are scheduled by appointment
  • Workshops are scheduled on the 3rd Saturday of each month


  • $40.00 - 90 minute session
  • $300.00 - 8 hour workshop

Workshops require minimum of six students.

Corporate Outings

Private Rides: $50.00

Horses are masters at identifying what we need at any given moment. If we are in doubt or not clear of our intentions, the horse can educate us in how we are in the present moment. Horses exude a mystical quality. Horses help you become emotionally empowered, gain heightened spiritual awareness and rejuvenate your life's purpose. Horses comfort children through unconditional love.

Everyone that experiences healing with horses, notices something special about the facility. It is more than the horses peacefully grazing and the beautiful palisades on this historical land, it's a sense of serenity and healing.

Reserve your time slot:
Brittany: 859-492-5803

Summer Camp


Children will see how horses live as a herd, learning about their habitat and survival instincts. Children will see first hand the love, compassion, and forgiveness horses offer. Each day they will learn and experience something new, while learning the valuable responsibilities of taking care of a horse, equine safety, and riding with confidence.


Campers will need to bring 2 snacks, 1 lunch, & lots of water each day. We suggest sun screen as well. For safety, we also request a list of allergies or any other medical needs. Campers need to wear closed-toe shoes. Riding helmets are provided.


Summer Camp Details:

Week: June 12-16th (open) 

Week: June 26-30th (open)

Week: July 10-14th (open) 

Week: July 24th-28th (open)

( Camp hours 9:00-4:00 ) *Early drop off 8:00-Late pick up 5:00 for a extra $10.00 fee each day.

Please contact us at our office: 615-268-9960 to reserve your childs summer experience. 


$300.00 per week/ per child.

Due to planning and limited space, we are not able to provide refunds for summer camp.


Natural Horsemanship - how to work with the horse through communication, knowledge and psychology, rather than through force, fear, and intimidation.
How to be safe around the horse and how to have a horse respect them and their space. How to care for the horses needs - Making sure they have water, grain and hay & cleanup at the end of the day.
How to groom, provide hoof care, and bathe a horse.

How to tack-up a horse properly, including cleaning a saddle and proper tack storage.
Ground work in a 60 ft. round pen using a lead-line and halter.
Balance and control at a walk ,trot, and when backing up.
How to maneuver through western patterns and obstacles.