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Explore Half Day Equine Guided Horsemanship Clinic

Ages 16 + up.

Duration: 5 hours

Cost 130.00


Give yourself the gift of self-discovery, guided by horses!


This clinic is all about enjoying the presence of horses. No horse experience is needed.


During this wonderful half-day clinic you will have the experience of learning simple and practical exercises using Natural Horsemanship Methods.




  • Learn how to communicate with horses using the 7 C’s
  • Learning to read horses body language
  • Communicate on the ground with a lead rope
  • Round pen exercise
  • Freestyle riding without constant reign contact
  • Trail Ride


a woman petting a horse


Also learn the 6 ways horses echo your emotions

  • Mirroring
  • Adapting
  • Trust
  • Healing
  • Body Language
  • Absorbing